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Bookkeepers used to have so much trouble finding new clients simply because they were limited in their networking options but today, being a bookkeeper Melbourne can be a wonderful and rewarding career. Times have changed from the 1960’s and today, there are much more options to consider when it comes to drumming up new clients and repeat business. Networking is the number one tool to use and if you use it successfully, you’ll boost your business.

Cold Call

No one likes to cold call but let’s be honest; this is one of the best networking options to boost your business. Now, you can easily contact many small companies, businesses and even the larger businesses and let them know about your services. It’s a tiresome task but it can offer new leads and don’t forget to follow-up on any potential clients. However, you need to remain professional to drum up new business as a bookkeeper Melbourne.

Offer Potential New Clients a Trial Offer

There are many ways to network including offering some free trials and reduced rates for new clients. This might not sound like such a good idea at first but it can be a great way to bring in new clients. You could even boost your business by telling customers you already have that they will receive a discount if they introduce new clients. It’s a good way to get more people. Bookkeepers might not like to offer trial offers but it could potentially boost business.

Advertise Your Service on Social Media

The best way to network in order to boost business would be to go onto social media and create a presence there. This can be simple to do and here you can post messages and leave updates about what services you offer. You can also answer enquires people have and you can reach out to millions of potential new clients. This is why social media such as social Face Book and Twitter are key to boosting business for a bookkeeper more news at

Offer Specialist Services

If you have a certain field of bookkeeping in which you excel in then that can work to your advantage. One great way to boost bookkeeping by networking is to offer some sort of specialist service. This would work great for niche markets and it would potential increase the amount of clients you can intake also. Of course, bookkeepers all have different specialities but think about what you are best at.

Hit the Big Corporate Events

If you work alongside just one or two companies, it’s important to network within them. For example, if they threw monthly functions in which businessmen and women were invited from outside the company, it would give you the chance to network. You can let people know what your business is as well as pass out a few business cards. This is a good way to drum up business and of course, networking via business events, lunches and parties can be very profitable for any bookkeeper Melbourne.

Networking Is Important

Bookkeeping Services

Too many new bookkeepers who are setting out on their own don’t understand that there is a whole host of key measures to consider. Freelancing can be great but you still need to find new opportunities and new work at every turn. Networking is key for any bookkeeper whether they are freelancing or have their own business set up. There are many simple ways to network and once you use them to your advantage you shouldn’t have an issue boosting your bookkeeper Melbourne service.